‘Seagull fire officers’: Making a mess of fire department problems

How to deal with officers who swoop in, squawk at everyone, dump all over and fly off, leaving others to clean up the mess

In “The One Minute Manager,” author Ken Blanchard refers to the “Seagull Manager” as someone who gets alarmed and involved in something with very little knowledge of what transpired or is happening, provides negative interaction, then exits the situation, leaving others in the organization to clean up the mess.

The name comes from a situation many have likely encountered – a seagull encroaching on people who are trying to eat. The seagulls fly in, squawk a lot, flap their wings, dump all over the place, and then eventually fly off.

Do you have a seagull fire chief, chief officer or company officer in your fire department? Here are the warning signs that you may be dealing with one.

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