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The Command Post Podcast: How does your department deal with low morale?

Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie also talk about fire hydrant operations in their frontline tactical tips segment


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This week, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss an app called PulsePoint, a life-saving app that allows first responders and the public to work together to see where AED’s are in the community.

“To use that technology of a GPS locator and notification lets you know there’s a person near you that’s in cardiac arrest,” Chief Wylie said. “And then it tells you where there’s tools, like an AED, nearby. Those two things coupled together are a great response technique that will save lives.”

They also talk about fire hydrant operations in their frontline tactical tips segment. They advise departments to first check the hydrant, flow and make sure nothing is obstructing it before the hose line or the truck is committed to the hydrant.

Their leadership lessons segment explains how to manage fire department morale.

“Bad morale can lead to distraction, reduce situational awareness and have an impact on fireground and rescue operations,” Lt. Duckworth said.

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