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Tenn. man, dubbed ‘Shorty,’ named world’s tallest firefighter by Guinness World Records

Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge officially received the title this month, measuring in 6 feet and 11.17 inches

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Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge, who stands at nearly 7 feet tall, has officially been named the world’s tallest firefighter by Guinness World Records.

Photo/City of Tullahoma, TN - Government Facebook

Update Oct. 26, 2020: It’s official — Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge has been named the world’s tallest firefighter by Guinness World Records, measuring in at precisely 6 feet and 11.17 inches.

Berridge, 28, has been with the department since 2016, and says that being tall has both its advantages and disadvantages on the job. Confined spaces can be a challenge, but he doesn’t always need a ladder to install smoke alarms or scout out issues in higher areas.

“This world is not necessarily made for taller people, but there are certain aspects where we can shine,” Berridge said in his interview with Guinness. “Find what you enjoy and do it. Greet challenges and conquer them. Height can be an advantage.”

Original report:

By Laura French

TULLAHOMA, Tenn. — A Tennessee firefighter who stands at 7 feet tall might be the tallest firefighter in the world, and was recently measured by representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge was officially measured on Jan. 13, according to WSMV.

“He goes by Shorty. If he hears Shorty, he comes running,” a fellow Tullahoma firefighter said.

According to colleagues, Berridge doesn’t need to use a ladder when installing smoke detectors and sometimes eats his lunch using the top of the firehouse refrigerator as a table.

“It’s the perfect height for me,” said Berridge. “I don’t have to scrunch, just grab a spot.”

Being 7 feet tall does have some of its disadvantages – Berridge has to duck a lot, earning him a second nickname, “Aflac,” after the insurance company’s feathered mascot.

“The inseam of his pants is 44 inches,” said Tullahoma Fire Chief Richard Shasteen. “The manufacturer said no way, but I said yes, this boy is 7 feet tall.”

No word yet on whether Berridge is officially the world’s tallest firefighter, which will be a new entry in the Guinness Book.

While we wait for the results, be sure to check out our list of other world records held by the fire service.


Tullahoma Firefighter Brandon Berridge was officially measured by Guinness Book of World Records representatives on Monday, Jan. 13.

Photo/City of Tullahoma, TN - Government Facebook

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