First aid courses are an opportunity to build support for EMS

The cliché “knowledge is power” is essential to EMS.

By Allison G. S. Knox, M.A., B.A., EMT-B
American Military University

Throughout the United States, many individuals receive first aid training so they know how to handle very basic emergencies. It is beneficial, for example, that the average person understands how to effectively manage significant bleeding from an injury or provide assistance during cardiac arrest. Ultimately, very basic first aid skills can save lives and allow an individual to render care while waiting for trained medical personnel to arrive.

First Aid First aid classes are extremely beneficial for training the public about emergency care. In addition to such training, it is also important for first aid and CPR instructors to take the opportunity to explain the overall structure of emergency medical services (EMS) and the emergency system as a whole to these students.

​EMS is, unfortunately, a widely misunderstood system. Many ambulance companies and jurisdictions have numerous issues with individuals calling 9-1-1 for non-emergent calls. This happens on a regular basis because most individuals in local towns and cities do not have a strong grasp of the specifics of EMS. First aid courses are a great time for instructors to highlight the overall hierarchical structure of EMS and explain how protocols affect EMS in various jurisdictions.

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