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Sources: Firefighter-EMT sleeping on duty has history of issues

She allegedly has had performance-based issues before, including sleeping on the job; she’s on administrative duty with no patient contact

WASHINGTON — A D.C. firefighter/EMT, who appeared to be asleep on the job during an ambulance run, reportedly has had a history of performance issues as a first responder.

FOX5 DC reported that the cellphone video was taken in the back of an ambulance during a transport. The patient, who suffered from a ruptured appendix, rode the ambulance with a friend who shot the video. The friend of the patient was in disbelief that the firefighter/EMT appeared to fall asleep on the call.

D.C. Fire and EMS confirmed the firefighter/EMT is under investigation. According to sources, she has had a short and tumultuous tenure. Documents show that she failed three out of eight tests administered during training academy.

Despite her results, she was hired in June 2013 and assigned to the District’s busiest firehouse — where she has had performance-based issues, including sleeping on the job, according to the report.

Sources familiar with her fire history assure her status indicates she is “not qualified to drive” the units. The firefighter/EMT declined to comment.

D.C. Fire and EMT said they do not discuss training or personnel matters since they are confidential. However, since the allegations are under investigation, she has been placed on administrative duty with no patient contact.