ACEP urges Fla. to prepare for Hurricane Irma

Although the forecast track changes hourly, the Category 5 hurricane has potential to be a devastating blow for Florida

By FireRescue1 Staff

WASHINGTON — The American College of Emergency Physicians and the Florida College of Emergency Physicians are urging the public to take Hurricane Irma very seriously.

The forecast for the potentially catastrophic storm changes hourly, but ACEP stressed that it could be a devastating blow to the state of Florida.

"This hurricane has the grim potential to be as destructive or perhaps even more destructive than Hurricane Harvey last week in the southeast Texas," ACEP president Dr. Becky Parker said. "Remember avoiding the hurricane in the first place is frequently the first step. If you're told by local authorities to evacuate, please leave as soon as possible."

Irma is one of the strongest storms on record and threatens Florida with deadly winds, severe storm surge and heavy rains.

"FCEP urges the entire Florida community to make the necessary arrangements and preparations as Hurricane Irma pushes onward," FACEP president Joel Stern said. “Emergency preparedness and disaster assistance is one of the many things we prepare for as emergency physicians, especially in a state like Florida where the threat of hurricanes and other natural disasters are more prominent. Make sure to have an emergency disaster plan for you and your family in case of evacuation along with the necessary hurricane supply essentials."

"Each person needs to do their part for themselves, and also for those who are more vulnerable," Dr. Parker said. "Take precautions, stock up on essential items, such as prescriptions medications, first aid supplies, food and water."


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