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LACoFD firefighter details the ‘surreal experience’ appearing on ‘LA Fire & Rescue’

Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Anderson shares what it was like having his work life chronicled for NBC’s new show – and the playful razzing that followed

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Better Every Shift welcomes a fire service celebrity to the show this week. Los Angeles County Fire Department (LACoFD) Firefighter-Paramedic Mike Anderson, one of the firefighters featured on NBC’s new docuseries “LA Fire & Rescue,” shares an inside look at his experience having his work world chronicled for the show. This week’s episode, “Three Alarm,” highlights Station 172’s response to a massive pallet fire, as well as a serious opioid overdose, plus two other LACoFD stations running a variety of calls – multiple traumas, an attic fire, and a snake-in-house call.

Plus, Anderson shares insights into all this:

  • Those initial awkward conversations in front of the cameras
  • Pride in representing the community
  • Some friendly “LACoFD fame”-related razzing
  • One call type that may surprise “flat-lander” firefighters working in the Los Angeles hills
  • The off-the-wall call that had Anderson walking the other direction

“LA Fire & Rescue” airs Wednesdays nights on NBC and can be streamed the next day on Peacock.

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