Video: Croatian fire dept. releases World Cup-themed PSA

The Zagreb Fire Department pretended their World Cup viewing party was interrupted by an alarm in their viral video

By FireRescue1 Staff

ZAGREB, Croatia — A Croatian fire department released a humorous video advocating for fire safety by pretending they were interrupted by a fire alarm while watching the World Cup.

The Zagreb Fire Department’s Facebook video features a group of firefighters crowded around a small TV, watching Croatia’s quarterfinal matchup against Russia.

Suddenly, a fire alarm goes off, and the entire group jumps up without hesitation to grab their gear and report to duty.

Only three of the firefighters are able to witness the penalty kick session that claimed victory for Croatia, and they all jump and down screaming in celebration.

"The Fire is playing today for the semifinal," the fire department wrote in the Facebook post. "We are not fired, but we are dealing with fire. Careful when using torches and pyrotechnics, we can (finally) look at the fires [after the game]."

Watch the full video below.

Vatreni ZG193

Vatreni danas igraju za finale SP. Mi nismo vatreni, ali bavimo se vatrom. Oprezno kod upotrebe baklji i pirotehnike, da i mi (konačno) mozemo gledati vatrene #ZG193

Posted by Vatrogasna postrojba Zagreb on Wednesday, July 11, 2018


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