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10 more ridiculous civilian complaints about firefighters

Because the first round of zingers barely scratched the surface of oddball complaints, here’s a second round of doozies heard on an emergency scene

Last month we ran the 10 best responses to, ‘What are the most ridiculous complaints you’ve heard.’ And because those we serve never seem to run out of new ways to get their noses out of joint, we followed up with a second batch of unbelievable gripes.

As a reminder, always handle civilian complaints or concerns with seriousness, poise and respect — no matter how ridiculous they sound. After that, you’re free to marvel at their “uniqueness.”

Below is the second batch of gems. And if you haven’t already, let us know a complaint you’ve heard in the comment section below — round three can’t be far off.

1.“Why are you parked in the fire lane? The lady actually called the police and they came to investigate.” — Kyle Roberts

2.“A citizen complained that during a building fire there was a firefighter just standing by the truck the whole time. It was the pump operator.” — Dan Reid

3.“At one of our car accidents, someone asked fire police: ‘Who would have a car accident on a Sunday?’” — Mary Anne Carr Perez

4.“When are you going to come out and weed eat around my hydrant? I have mowed and edged my yard all summer and no one has shown up to do the hydrant.” — Nickolus Hoeft

5.“We didn’t take our boots off at the front door when responding to a BLS call.” — Andrew Nipas

6.“One guy got mad with us because we were throwing water on his TV. His house was on fire.” — Jose Cabrera

7.“That we wouldn’t go pick up a dead animal in the middle of the road. She thought we do that.” — Damien Riposo

8.“During a search and recover effort in the Delaware River, I was posted at a boat ramp to keep civilians from interfering with search efforts. One particular lady started ranting about how ridiculous it was that we were wasting all of this time to find a body that’s already dead and was extremely upset that she couldn’t put her jet skis in the water for a few hours.” — Shawn Fanslau

9.“That our emergency lights were too bright.” — Scott Ziegler

10.“Responded to an automatic alarm and a resident said the fire alarm was too loud and it woke him up.” — Cody Crippen

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