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Video: LAFD captain burned in explosion shares his story of recovery

A year ago this week, Victor Aguirre was the last to leave the hospital after a massive downtown fire left him and several other firefighters injured



By Janelle Foskett

A year ago this week, Los Angeles Fire Captain Victor Aguirre was discharged from the hospital following injuries sustained in a massive downtown Los Angeles fire that also injured 11 fellow firefighters.

NBC Los Angeles interviewed Captain Aguirre about the experience.

Aguirre was at the top of the ladder when the fire exploded: “I was completely on fire. I was a big fireball. And I looked to my right and I thought, ‘What? Please, stop, somebody turn this off.’”

He said he thought he was going to die.

Aguirre was the most seriously injured of the firefighters, having lost the tips of some of his fingers and some bone, but he said he is grateful for every minute of every day.

Today, he is still recovering, with the help of his family and his therapy dog, Hank.

Watch the full interview with the NBC4 I-Team.


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