Firefighters save sacred scrolls from synagogue blaze

Houston firefighters managed to save every single Torah scroll from the Congregation Torah Vachesed after a fire broke out

By FireRescue1 Staff

HOUSTON — A firefighting crew is being praised by a synagogue congregation after saving sacred scrolls from a fire.

ABC13 reported that Houston Fire Department firefighters responded to a blaze at the Congregation Torah Vachesed, which caught fire as one of the rabbis was finishing a service.

"One of our congregants screamed, 'Get out, it's a fire! Everyone get out!'" Rabbi Avraham Yaghobian said.


Yaghobian said they initially tried to save the Torah scrolls by putting out the fire themselves, but the responding firefighters managed to save every single scroll.

"The firefighters with the police, they brought out our holy books and we got to see they're all okay. Again and again and again, I thank God for the miracle that no one was hurt and that no holy article was damaged," Yaghobian said. "I really want to thank the firefighters and the police for their bravery, for their sensitivity and their understanding. They were willing to jump in there.”

Rabbi Aryeh Wolbe said the congregation rejoiced when they learned the scrolls were safe.

"The joy ... many brought to tears to see these Torah scrolls being saved. The singing when the scrolls were moved to another facility, singing and dancing ... 'Our scrolls are safe!'" Wolbe said.



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