Asst. fire chief helps cop catch robbery suspect

Chief: "It's a good feeling, especially with everything that's gone on lately with the police department and the negativity. We love our brothers in blue."


FRISCO, Texas — A suspected thief’s getaway is ruined when an off-duty firefighter springs into action to help a Plano police officer.

People were enjoying their meal on the patio of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop when a man suspected of robbing a nearby WalMart came running through the parking lot being chased by police. And sitting on that patio happened to be a man who’s spent his career working side-by-side police officers as a firefighter. But this time, the firefighter got to help take down one of the bad guys.

Police said 20-year-old Alejandro Faber had just robbed a Plano Walmart when an officer spotted him running across Highway-121. The officer chased him on foot and was afraid he would lose him when he turned the corner and ran into the parking lot of Fuzzy’s Taco Shop. That’s where Prosper Assistant Fire Chief Stuart Blasingame was having dinner with his wife.

Full story: Firefighter Foils Robbery Suspect’s Getaway

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