Fire chief’s termination sparks 16 firefighters to resign

Sixteen firefighters walked out of the meeting after Town Manager Stacy Tebo fired Chief Kevin Pittman

By FireRescue1 Staff

WHITE SPRINGS, Fla. — A fire department sits empty after every firefighter resigned at a city council meeting in response to the termination of the fire chief.

WCTV reported that Town Manager Stacy Tebo announced her decision to terminate White Springs Fire Rescue Chief Kevin Pittman at a town council meeting, saying he was a liability due to poor communication and lack of certification.

After the announcement was made, all 16 firefighters resigned and walked out of the meeting, and council members say the situation could have been handled differently.

"Mass resignation. Sixteen people resigned. That should have been avoided," councilman Walter McKenzie said.

Chief Pittman added that the firefighters walked out because due process was denied.

"They're behind this fire department and this could've been resolved in a better way," he said.

Council members said that with the firefighters gone, the county must handle fire response, and wait times can be around 30 minutes.

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