Cutback challenges we face

We can probably expect to see even more cases where budget cuts play out in the street

Editor's note: With a drowning prompting an emergency response review in Calif., our Editorial Advisor Chief Adam K. Thiel take a look at the wider issues.

This story highlights a key challenge faced by local public safety departments that are increasingly forced to address budget deficits, or have already done so, by reducing the scope of services delivered to their communities.

When departments must choose between (sometimes barely) maintaining core services and providing "specialized" training, such as water rescue, the latter is often cut.

Unfortunately, the consequences of these choices, which are public policy decisions made by the elected officials who approve the budget, are not always grasped by the citizens who are ultimately affected.

At least, not until after a high-profile event like this one.

The challenge for department leaders (career and volunteer, management and labor) is being able to clearly articulate the community's needs, the available service delivery options, and the potential consequences of various funding alternatives before something bad happens.

Still, sometimes decisions will be made that result in service degradation.

With the current economic and political climate we can probably expect to see even more cases where budget cuts play out in the street.

Stay safe!

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