Neighbors: Silence Del. volunteer fire siren

Neighbors say the noise is unnecessary with pagers; the chief says it is valuable for outages and tornado warnings

By Tashawna Gaines

MILLVILLE, De.— Fire Departments have used sirens for decades to notify volunteers to respond to the station house for emergencies. The noise for some Millville residents has gotten to be too much. 

Millville Volunteer Firefighters have pagers and cell phones for notifying them of emergencies; which has raised the question, "Why are the sirens still necessary?" Millville's Fire Company serves the Town of Millville and Town of Ocean View. Mayor Walter Curran, said he and the City Council in Ocean View no longer want the sirens in use.

Mayor Curran said, he has received numerous complaints from people in the community that the siren is too noisy. Jeremy Pentoney works in Millville and said, "It's more of a disturbance; nobody's responding to an alarm that goes off to come running to the fire station; that's more 1930s than it is 2015."

Full story: Fire sirens in Millville a topic of debate

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