NJ firefighters criticize plans that limits alcohol in firehouses

Lodi Borough Council would require approval for functions for alcohol, citing underage drinking as main concern

LODI, N.J. — New Jersey firefighters are criticizing plans to limit alcohol in firehouses.

The Lodi Borough Council has introduced an ordinance that would require approval for any function in which alcohol is consumed in the town's three firehouses, according to NorthJersey.com.

Mayor Marc Schrieks said that the firehouses come under the borough's jurisdiction, so the borough needs to have control over what occurs in them.

There are also concerns about drinking by underage firefighters, Schrieks added.

"We all thought it was in the best interests to curtail the potential access to alcohol," he said.

However, Chief Darren Yuhas said the plans are "totally uncalled for."

The ordinance, brought into effect Tuesday, would require that the fire chief and borough manager be given notice at least 45 days in advance of a function in which alcohol would be served or consumed and provide details on the type of alcohol, the expected guests, and the names in charge of those providing alcohol.

Chief Yuhas said all alcohol is stored in a locked space, so the danger of underage drinking is unnecessary and that the drinking that happens in the firehouse is controlled and safe.

"It's not like we're down there every night having a party," he said.

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