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Code 3 Podcast: Should we use tactical worksheets?

Bruce Evans and Scott Orr discuss the value of tactical worksheets in EMS

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Tactical worksheets for EMS is a more important topic than it may sound. Sure, a tactical worksheet is nothing more than a glorified checklist. Who needs that? But think about it this way: If airline pilots use checklists for every flight, maybe they’re onto something – and maybe checklists should be in your arsenal, too.

Tactical worksheets can prevent mistakes, and they can even help protect you after the fact if something goes wrong and someone starts looking for blame.

In this episode of the Code 3 podcast, Bruce Evans is here to explain the details. Evans is the fire chief and a paramedic at the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District in Bayfield, Colorado. He is on the board of directors at the National Association of EMTs, and he is a National Fire Academy instructor. Evens is also on the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine’s Preparedness Committee.

Code 3 is hosted by award-winning journalist Scott Orr, who has covered the fire/EMS/police beat for most of his 30-plus year career in news. He’s worked around the country in both TV and print. Orr was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over a decade ago, but that doesn’t stop him from interviewing fire service leaders on issues that concern firefighters around the nation.