Texas fire stations, EMS post safe baby signs

The Galveston County Daily News  

GALVESTON, Texas — Galveston fire stations, EMS stations and designated areas at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston are official Baby Moses sites, or safe havens, where mothers can leave their newborns (up to 60 days old) with no questions asked and no fear of prosecution if the baby is unharmed.

Babies left at a Baby Moses site will receive an examination and eventually be placed with a family. Mothers may voluntarily disclose background and medical information, but are not legally required to do so under the Baby Moses or safe haven law. The law seeks to protect newborns and provide an alternative to mothers who might otherwise abandon, neglect or harm a newborn child.

The large yellow and black Safe Baby Site signs are placed in prominent locations. There are two signs outside UTMB’s Emergency Room, two at the entrance to the R. Waverley Smith Pavilion and one at the entrance to the labor and delivery area in John Sealy Hospital.

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