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Assistance to Firefighters Grants cycle open

The AFG Notice of Funding Opportunity has been released for fiscal year 2018


Are you ready to submit your AFG grant proposal?


Surprise! Once again, another Assistance to Firefighters Grants season is upon us. It seems like only yesterday, the Fiscal Year 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Grants cycle closed. The FY18 AFG Notice of Funding Opportunity was released this past Monday. The application opens Monday, Sept. 24, 2018 and will close on Friday, Oct. 26, 2018 at 5 p.m. EST.

While most of the information is similar to the FY17 NOFO, some information has changed. The highlights below examine the changes that will have the most impact on departments.

  • Microgrants:
    • Are now available up to a $50,000 federal threshold.
  • Equipment Request:
    • The language for the purpose of equipment purchases has changed, as well as high priority requests. These are listed below:
      • “Obtain equipment to achieve minimum operational and deployment standards for existing missions.”
      • “Replace unusable/unrepairable equipment to meet current standard.”
      • “Replace non-compliant equipment to current standard.”
      • “Medium Priority: Obtain equipment for a new mission.”
      • “Low Priority: Upgrade technology to current standard.”
  • PPE Request:
    • The language for the purpose of PPE requests has changed, as well as high priority requests. The changes are listed below:
      • “Replace unusable/unrepairable PPE to meet current standard.”
      • “Increase supply for new hires and/or existing firefighters that do not have one set of turnout gear (PPE) or allocated seat positions (SCBA).”
      • “Medium Priority: Replace non-compliant PPE to current standard.”
  • Cancer Screening Programs that meet NFPA 1582 have been added as a Priority 1 activity under Wellness and Fitness.

As with every year, be sure to closely review the AFG FY18 NOFO and identify changes that could impact the application process. FEMA also hosts webinars and workshops that addresses the application process. The links are included below.

Additional resources for your AFG application

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