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FEMA announces grant options for civil unrest expenses

Two programs allow for state and local governments to apply for funding related to emergency response in protection of the country


By Rachel Engel

In a memo earlier this month, FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate (GPD) provided guidance to state and local governments regarding two funding options for expenses related to civil unrest response.

Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP)

Under the HSGP State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSP) and the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), states and urban areas are eligible to apply for funding related to terrorism response.

However, high-risk areas may use funds for non-terrorism events that assist in “achieving core capabilities related to preventing, preparing for, protecting against, or responding to acts of terrorism.”

Emergency Management Performance Grant

The EMPG allows state and local government agencies to receive funding for “implementing the National Preparedness System and the National Preparedness Goal of a secure and resilient nation.” Use of the EMPG does not require a terrorism component to exist and can instead be utilized for all phases of emergency management.

For questions related to HSGP or EMPG funding and availability, contact your FEMA Regional or HQ Program Analyst.