Tenn. dept. seeks funding to counter 'violent extremism'

Chattanooga Fire Department requested $133,000 in federal funds for equipment and training

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — After gunmen targeted officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, first responders across the country are taking additional measures to protect themselves.

The Chattanooga Fire Department is the latest to take such precautions, and is currently trying to apply for money to counter violent extremism.

The department will request $133,000: $83,000 for equipment, such as bulletproof vests, and $50,000 for training.

Firefighters need to be prepared if they are caught in active shooter situations, said CFD Special Operations Chief Daniel Hague.

"We need to make sure we try to protect our firefighters the best we can using every opportunity we have to get the equipment to protect them," Hague told ABC News 9. "We're not getting into the tactics of law enforcement or anything, but an awareness of what to look for, watch out for and how to protect themselves in the event of a shooting incident."

The Department of Homeland Security’s latest fund program, newly established this month, will be the first federal grant to support organizations “countering violent extremism” at the local level.

CFD must get approval from the Chattanooga City Council on Tuesday to apply for the grant.

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