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CPR pioneer, Dr. James Jude, dies at 87

Idea for applying pressure to center of the chest came while observing his colleagues develop the defibrillator at Johns Hopkins University

By Howard Cohen
The Miami Herald

MIAMI — Modern medicine was “going to the dogs” when Dr. James Jude, a young resident at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the late 1950s, pioneered a new life-saving technique.

Jude, observing his colleagues Dr. William Kouwenhoven, the developer of the defibrillator, and graduate student Guy Knickerbocker’s work with fibrillating dogs, figured that pressure applied rhythmically with the heel of the hand to the center of the chest could jump-start the heart and save lives.

Jude, a Miami thoracic surgeon called the “father of modern cardiopulmonary resuscitation” in a 1983 Miami Herald medical story, developed CPR in 1960.

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