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Firefighters save chief’s life after collapsing at firehouse

Assistant Chief Donald Boyer, 82, suffered a heart attack; he is recovering at home


FESTUS, Mo. — Firefighters are being credited with saving the life of their assistant fire chief after he suffered a heart attack in the lobby of the fire department on Feb. 13.

KSDK reported that firefighters used an AED to bring Assistant Fire Chief Donald Boyer, 82, back to life.

Boyer has worked for the Festus Volunteer Fire Department for more than 60 years. His son is the fire chief, and his grandson, Zackary Boyer, is a firefighter. He is grateful his grandfather was surrounded by his colleagues when he needed them most, according to the report.

“Somebody was definitely looking after him, that’s for sure,” said Zackary Boyer.

The firefighters are not sure when Boyer will return to work. He has been recovering at home.

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