Off duty firefighter-medic saves man's life at Fla. gym

Captain Kim Grant-Hude from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue used an AED

CBS 12

WELLINGTON, Fla. — Matt Murray was playing racquetball when he collapsed at the LA Fitness in Wellington. He was having a heart attack.

Captain Kim Grant-Hude from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue saw him on the ground and knew she had to act fast. She asked for an AED and, thankfully, the gym had one on site.

An AED is an Automated External Defibrillator. During a heart attack, it delivers a shock that helps the heart re-establish circulation and gets blood moving again.

Kim shocked Matt twice and performed CPR on him saving his life. He ended up needing two stents in is his heart to open up major arteries.

Matt says his doctor told him that he would have only had a one percent chance of surviving this kind of heart attack if Kim and the AED had not been there to shock him and save him.

He says his story is just one more reason why AED's should be in all public places.

Right now, Florida law does not require businesses to have AED's on site. Some businesses choose to have them anyway.

Reprinted with permission from CBS 12.

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