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HAIX Receives Positive Feedback from Customers

LEXINGTON, KY - HAIX® North America, Inc. has received numerous reports of positive experiences with their boots, here a few accounts from the customers themselves:

Wayne Jowett, Firefighter/EMT:

The boots I just received are by far the BEST boots I’ve ever owned. I bought the Airpower X1 rescue zip-up and I will recommend all your products to all the firefighters/EMT’s I know. I am already looking at the other products you sell. Thanks HAIX.

Mark Breidenback, Firefighter/Paramedic:

I purchased HAIX Fire Hunters approx 1.5 to 2 years ago to replace a pair of standard rubber FF boots. I purchased HAIX boots after an extensive internet search for advice. I was able to find one department that was unanimous in their decision on FF boots. I wear my boots every third day whether I’m on the Rescue, Truck or Engine. In 2 years, 0 blisters… This also includes several multi alarm fires and some sizable grass fires (Lots of walking and even some running).

Clayton Jolley, Firefighter:

On August 17th of this year while conducting a Fire Sprinkler System Inspection on top of a new roof, I was led across a sky light opening that was covered with a sheet of thin plywood. The wood failed and I fell through the hole catching myself at roof level, clearing my landing spot and falling to the concrete floor below. Although I broke a rib and a bone in my shoulder, I had no significant injuries to my feet or ankles after landing on my feet on the concrete. I wanted o write and thank you and your company for the quality construction of the HAIX boots I wore that day and am still wearing today. I feel the excellent construction of these boots saved my feet and ankles from further injury and I am delighted to be walking around today. Again, thanks for an excellent product!