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Ala. fire department adds CO monitors to front-line rigs

The department also added lighted vein finders

By Jon Anderson

HOOVER, Ala. — The Hoover Fire Department has two new tools to help improve emergency medical care for Hoover residents and visitors to the city.

One is a carbon monoxide monitor that helps paramedics tell if people have been exposed to carbon monoxide and, if so, how much of it has entered their bloodstream. The second is a handheld device that uses patented light technology to help paramedics find people’s veins so they can start IVs quickly and successfully.

The Hoover Fire Department has purchased nine carbon monoxide monitors, called RAD 57s, and will be putting one on each of the nine front-line engine companies spread across the city, said Hoover fire Capt. David Hambright, the department’s emergency medical services officer.

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