Carlson's New Trailblazer 5.9 — The Perfect Solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Carlson Wireless

Arcata, CA — Carlson Wireless proudly announced the newest addition to its successful Trailblazer line, the Trailblazer 5.9, on August 7, 2011 at the APCO Convention in Philadelphia only days after receiving FCC certification. This product, one of the first products of its kind certified to operate in the 5.9 GHz frequency band, was custom-designed for departments of transportation.

The Trailblazer 5.9 is a point-to-point solution, ideal for backhauling two-way radio communications or Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) projects because of its extraordinary resistance to interference and weather. The Trailblazer itself has long been established as indispensable in the public safety field due to its ultra-low fixed latency and rugged reliability.

Carlson developed the 5.9 after being approached by a transportation customer who expressed a need that had yet to be met by any other product. The 5.9 is quite possibly the only product on the market that offers a unique blend of video, telemetry, Ethernet, voice, and data. This varied arsenal of capabilities heightens efficiency when reporting road closures, issue traffic alerts, emergency warnings for short-range vehicles, two-way radio backhaul, leaded line replacement, POTS line wireless transport and Ethernet transport.

5.9 GHz frequency band offers a full 70-megahertz of spectrum set aside by the FCC especially for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This particular band is ideal for both the public safety and departments of transportation industries because it can support the high data rates that traffic applications require.

In line with all of Carlson's Trailblazer products, the 5.9 offers a plug-and-play setup of a fully integrated device. It is solar powerable and comes in a sturdy weatherproof enclosure for roadside deployment.

This new development is yet another example of Carlson's leading-edge technologies. They continually search for ways to enhance existing products, and engineer new ones for emerging spectrums or to fulfill customer needs. For example, Carlson's RuralConnect IP TV white-space radio for rough terrain is less than a year old, yet they are already refining it to add more features, while making it more affordable. In the emerging 700 MHz market, Carlson will soon launch an affordable LTE eNodeB solution for rural public safety.

Obtaining a 5.9 License
The FCC divides the 5.9 GHz band into seven 10-megahertz channels and issues non-exclusive licenses to government and public safety entities to operate on the band. Applicants can file electronically with the FCC using FCC Form 601.

Licensees need only register their sites, channels and other relevant data on a Universal Licensing System, coordinating with the Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for proximity to government radar sites.

About Carlson Wireless
For more than a decade, Carlson Wireless Technologies has focused on meeting the communication needs of rural communities, industry and public safety. The company has built a reputation for innovative, energy-smart wireless systems for voice and broadband data. For more information, contact Carlson Wireless at 707-822-7000 or email

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