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goTenna Pro Wins American Security Today’s 2019 ASTORS Homeland Security Award for Best Mobile Technology for Public Safety Communications


BROOKLYN, N.Y. — goTenna, the world’s leading mobile mesh networking company, announced that goTenna Pro — a tactical-grade mesh networking communications system — has been recognized as the Best Mobile Technology for Public Safety Communications at American Security Today’s 2019 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards.

goTenna’s innovative mesh networking protocol is embedded into lightweight, low-cost goTenna Pro and Pro X radio devices and paired with easy-to-use mobile apps (such as ATAK) enabling long-range mobile connectivity even without access to cell, wifi, or satellite. goTenna Pro’s resilient peer-to-peer network connectivity is currently supporting communications during disasters, special events, and other complex operations when no service is not an option.

While mesh networking technology was developed for military use decades ago, goTenna Pro offers a solution that is orders of magnitude smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective – allowing public safety agencies to extend mission-critical connectivity to more individual operators in the field. Even when unpaired to a smartphone, goTenna Pro and Pro X devices can serve as a multi-hop mesh node – eliminating or reducing the need for base stations and repeaters.

“We are thrilled that goTenna Pro has been recognized for this award,” said Daniela Perdomo, Co-Founder and CEO of goTenna. “Our obligation is to our customers in providing wildland firefighting crews, emergency response teams, military forces, and tactical law enforcement units, among others, the best technology out there to protect lives in traditionally comms-denied environments. I’m incredibly proud of our team and the work and innovations that we continue to bring to the market.”

The annual ASTORS Awards are the preeminent U.S. homeland security awards program, highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions available on the market today. The awards recognize distinguished vendors of homeland security, law enforcement, and public safety technology solutions. The 2019 AST ASTOR Awards were presented during a luncheon at the International Security Conference & Exposition East in New York City on Wednesday, November 20th.