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New feature alert - hydrant mapping & points of interest

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eDispatches is pleased to announce the availability of our brand new Hydrant Mapping & Points
of Interest feature - one of the most popular requests in our entire history!

With the new Hydrant Mapping & Points of Interest feature, all eDispatches users are able to display fire hydrants and other important items on a real-time map that is integrated with all the
great eDispatches features you already know and love. In one simple to use view you can now
see the location of your hydrants and other points of interest right alongside your members’
Response status, which shows their location as they make their way to the incident. Each
hydrant or point of interest can be expanded to show additional information, notes, etc., and the
display seamlessly shows / hides items as you zoom in and out, to prevent clutter on the

Starting with hydrants, end-users have three different ways to enter their own hydrant
information into the eDispatches system:

Manual Entry
◦ From anywhere, you can enter a known hydrant on the map
▪ Detailed information about that hydrant can be identified
• Mass Upload
◦ Complete a supplied eDispatches template with the location data supplied from
your hydrant authority
• War Driving Mode
◦ An exclusive to eDispatches, simply click the add button as you pass fire hydrants in and around your jurisdiction
▪ While using this feature, drivers must follow local and state laws
regarding device use while in motion

Although fire hydrant data and locations are very important, we also wanted responders to be able to enter other valuable information: Points of Interest.
Water Sources
◦ Dry Hydrants
◦ Lake/Pond
◦ Pool
◦ River/Stream
◦ Fire Station
◦ EMS Station
◦ Hospital
◦ Police Station
◦ School
Building Features
◦ Fire Alarm Control Panel
◦ Gas Shut-Off
◦ Knox Box
◦ Sprinkler Valve
◦ Standpipe Connection
◦ Construction Zone
◦ Height Restriction
◦ Railroad Crossing
◦ Road Closure
◦ Weight Restriction
• Other
◦ Boat Launch
◦ Hazard
◦ Landing Zone
◦ Storm Shelter
◦ Turn Around
eDispatches continues to innovate, bringing additional value added features to our client base!
If you are not a current eDispatches user, consider setting up a free department trial today! Our
sales staff can be reached at (973) 453-5810 extension 1.