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Tune in for deep dives with those in command across Fire & EMS with the First Due “Command Post” podcast

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NEW YORK – First Due, the developer of best-in-breed public safety software, has launched its “Command Post” podcast, taking command of ideas and programs that are leading public safety into the future and engaging emerging leaders from across the fire and EMS landscape.

During each episode of “Command Post,” fire safety innovators and leaders join First Due Training Manager Tom Louis to discuss the ever-evolving public safety industry, highlight success stories, and share new ideas for emergency responders.

“We started “Command Post” to celebrate interesting programs and thought leadership in the fire and EMS industry,” explained Louis. “It’s First Due’s way of giving back to those who serve their communities.”

In the premiere episode, Mesa Captain Mike “Elvis” Castillo sits down with host Tom Louis for an engaging conversation about Mesa’s exceptional Command Response Vehicle program that serves the East Valley of the Mesa/Phoenix metropolitan area. Future “Command Post” podcast guests include other leaders from across many different areas of public safety leadership.

Louis said “Command Post” fills an important gap in leading the way for next-generation emergency personnel through thought leadership and creative inspiration. “We hope our conversations inspire action from leaders and frontline personnel so they can confidently tackle the challenges facing twenty-first century fire and EMS agencies.”

Tune in to “Command Post” here and learn more about First Due’s cutting-edge end-to-end RMS software suite here.

New York-based First Due has reimagined public safety technology for agencies nationwide. The SaaS First Due Suite provides fire and EMS agencies an end-to-end solution to consolidate all core components of their operation in a single platform. Departments with First Due are transforming how they function, before, during and after an incident - ultimately leading to better decisions and a safer community.