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Ore. firefighters on teaching trip to Vietnam

By Rick Bella
The Oregonian

CLACKAMAS COUNTY, Ore. — Four firefighters from Clackamas County Fire District 1 will be going to Vietnam next week to teach firefighting techniques and first aid.

Firefighters Steve Hoffeditz, Brandon Paxton, Josh Santos and Don Davis will travel to Hanoi on April 14 as part of the Emergency Medical Services development team, in cooperation with the Tigard-based Medical Teams International.

Besides firefighting and first aid, the team will drill Hanoi firefighters in rope rescues and disaster preparedness. The teaching mission springs from a five-year partnership between Fire District 1 and Medical Teams International.

“We have had the opportunity to see how this training makes an unbelievable difference in peoples’ lives,” said Davis, the team leader. “These teaching missions break down cultural barriers, increase positive relations with other countries and, most importantly, save lives.”

To continue and expand their efforts, Fire District 1 firefighters have formed their own nonprofit organization, Global Mission Readiness.

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