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Southwest Synergistic Solutions Offers the E/T Light for First Responders

Southwest Synergistic Solutions is a San Antonio, TX. Company has developed a new method and device for triaging patients during night time mass casualty incidents/battlefield situations. The E/T Lights were developed in conjunction with Air Force Special Operations medics. They have been used in an actual mass casualty situation (combat proven) and are currently used by Air Force Special Operations Squadron and other military units.

The E/T Lights combine all the triage conditions into one device that lasts from 3 to 8 days continually on and over 7 days when set to a blinking selection. The LED colors are Red, Amber, Green, and Blue. An Infrared version is available. The E/T Lights improve the time it takes medics to mark a patient and improves the response time by support personnel especially during bad weather conditions and low/no light situations. Studies have shown that the use of lights during triage situations reduces patient collection times by over 30% with less patient errors. Go to following link to review brief report:

An alternate use for the E/T Lights is to utilize them for un-evacuated population prior to a hurricane striking. Persons on the States evacuation assistance lists could be issued these at the time of registration with the State. Others could be instructed via a public service announcement to utilize the illuminated system during the event. Children are marked red, women-green and men-blue. Once the hurricane passes the survivors simply click on the E/T Light and it goes to a blinking selection. This turns the night into a friend to the First Responder. The night is now used to identify a group’s location, the composition and the condition of that group. Now first light operations can be planned from the night before. Further the solid or blinking option may be used to distinguish contaminated patients from non contaminated patients and still convey the condition during a chemical or biological situation.

Emergency/Triage Lights are reprogrammable, have a last selection memory and a selection lock. They reduce costs for this type of equipment from 47% to over 94%. They reduce the weight and volume carried by the First Responder and improve performance times for both the medic and support personnel. E/T Lights replace chemical lights in any situation. It takes over 70 blue chemical light sticks before you replace one battery in the E/T Light. The E/T Lights help reduce landfill and disposal costs. Contact for more information or visit and view the video.