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DGI Releases New Version of Flagship CoBRA® Software

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Defense Group Inc. (DGI) released today the latest version of its flagship software product, CoBRA®. CoBRA 4.0 is decision support software that provides first responders with critical interactive tools, guides, standard operating procedures, NIMS/ICS forms, checklists and incident reporting capabilities for all hazards and large-scale incidents.

CoBRA is a comprehensive software system, unmatched in the marketplace, with applicability across multiple phases of response – including planning, training, exercise and response – and across first responder missions – including fire, hazmat, law enforcement, emergency medical services and bomb response.

The latest enhancements are focused on two key areas – new data resources and updates to the user interface. New resources include a new bomb response profile with an IED forensics tool, a radiation stay time tool, three new Jane’s public safety handbooks, and more. The updated user interface will look and act like familiar Microsoft applications, making CoBRA even more intuitive to use.

The new release also focuses on enhancing the ability to integrate with other tools and resources that are valuable to first responders. “CoBRA 4.0 utilizes Microsoft .NET technology and includes a complete software development kit (SDK). This improves the robustness of the software and allows useful tools – both from DGI and from third parties – to be added quickly,” said Chris Boehm, CoBRA Group Vice President. “These will not only provide value in their own right, but also will be fully integrated with our reporting engine to provide detailed, time-stamped, and complete incident logs for field command and after action reporting.”

With the release of CoBRA 4.0, DGI continues to be a leader in providing critical capabilities to first responders. “The complexity of the recent disasters on the Gulf Coast, resulting in hazardous chemical mixtures and stagnant waters containing decomposed biological matter, has reinforced how vital it is that those involved in response and rescue operations have a robust solution available to them with the latest information on a wide array of hazards and responses,” said Dr. James P. Wade, Chief Executive Officer of DGI. “CoBRA is that solution.”

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Since 1987, DGI has assisted federal, state and local government agencies in preparation for and response to incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats. For more information on CoBRA® and DGI, visit