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Fire dept. donates unused rescue tools to fellow firefighters

The fire chief said the tools were a welcome and long overdue addition to serving the community

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ATHENS, Ala. — When the East Limestone Volunteer Fire Department bought some super-powered rescue tools for prying open wrecked vehicles last year, they had to decide what to do with their lesser-powered spares.

The found a home for one set this week.

On Saturday, they donated an unused set of hydraulic tools to fellow firefighters at the Bragg Volunteer Fire Department near Haneyville in Lowdnes County.

“Representative’s from the Bragg VFD traveled over 3 hours to take delivery of the tools,” said Kasey Brown, president of East Limestone Fire Department.

The Bragg fire chief said the tools were a welcome and long overdue addition to serving the Bragg community and the price was just right.

The tools, which are worth more than $5,000, had been posted online to an Alabama Fire Department classified advertising Web page, with East Limestone offering to donate the tools to a good home, said Brown, who is a East volunteer firefighter.

East will be donating another set of unused tools to another volunteer department in northeast Alabama in the coming weeks, Brown said.

Last January, East bought new battery-operated “jaws of life” tools for rescue. The so-called “e-draulic tools” do what the older hydraulic tools did only they are more portable, stronger and faster. That could mean the difference between the life and death of a trapped motorist.

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