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Product Roundup: Extrication Tools, Cutters, and Spreaders

FireRescue1 is focusing on news and information about extrication equipment throughout the month of October. We have complied some of the latest Extrication Tools, Cutters and Spreaders available for fire rescue today.

Dragon Fire by Fireman’s Shield Extrication Glove Safeguarded by Kovenex
Designed by actual extrication professionals, this glove has all the features and long service life you’ve been looking for, with no compromise in dexterity or sharps protection. Hot tools and highly heated vehicle components are no longer a burn threat. Proven superior in actual extrication rescues, these gloves are fast becoming the standard in performance across the country. For more information concerning the Dragon Fire, visit the Kovenex website or call 866-861-7976 .

NT Air Bags by RESQTEC
Rescue teams all over the world have replaced their lifting equipment with the NT-bags, as their unmatched performance, rapid and easy deployment make them capable to handle normal incidents fast but more importantly beat any situation that may otherwise escalate to a disaster. The NT bags are used for RTA to USAR operations. Beat the unexpected by changing the way you, and your department look at lifting and confined space rescue. For more information about the Nemo, visit the main product page here or call 314-439-2890.

AMK-22 Cutter by AMKUS Rescue Systems
Designed to handle the advanced high strength steels in new model vehicles, not just NFPA, the unique 360 degree rotating handle with eight positions allows rescuer to place the handle in the best position for the desired cutting action. The control valve placement provides compact design allowing greater access for the user. Tool design provides excellent balance and natural hand placement and is capable of automotive cutting requirements. Anodized for corrosion protection.To learn more about the AMK-22 Cutter, click here or call 800-59-AMKUS.

MatJack Low Pressure Lifting Cushions
Matjack low pressure lifting cushions require only 1-3 inches clearance and can lift several tons at the push of a button. Matjack low pressure lifting cushions work best in cantilever or “hinged” style lifts, but can also be used for vertical lifting if rigged correctly so lateral movement of the weight being lifted is restricted. See more on the website or call 800-827-3755.

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