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TNT Rescue & Denver FD takes the CHOP SHOP RX extrication training internationally

TNT Rescue and the Denver FD recently held their first international CHOP SHOP RX training in Baja, Mexico for the Cruz Rojas and the firefighters. The CHOP SHOP RX extrication training was taught by Randall Wells, the Special Operations Chief with the Denver Fire department and lead instructor of the CHOP SHOP. Wells says, “Any person with mechanical aptitude and tools can cut apart a car. We teach how to be a professional and surgical with your tactics. The correct tool manipulation, body mechanics to prevent fatigue at long incidents, and how to diagnose an accident like a doctor and prescribe the right medicine (technique) to extricate.” It was an opportunity to pass on their knowledge and experience to those across the border. This knowledge is extremely important in countries where the fire departments may not have the budget for new tool technology to work on cars like most of our fire departments in the U.S. This training helped teach and improve their skills with what they have.

More about the CHOP SHOP RX Extrication Course:
The auto extrication course provides rescuers with the skills to handle vehicles of today and the future. Randall Wells and the other instructors continue to be on the leading edge of extrication techniques bringing real-life rescue experience to the course. Rescuers will learn new methodology to basic principles and advanced alternatives for general application. This two day, hands-on skill building course will focus on tool application to a variety of classic scenarios. The groups will be small to provide ample opportunities for tool time along with close instruction.

The course also models iterations around a training commodity - Cars and how to perform your training getting the most out of your auto extrication commodity.

Download the flyer for additional info on the CHOP SHOP training.

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