DC fire truck collides with police cruiser

A car drove in front of the rig, causing it to swerve and hit the cruiser; a firefighter and police officer suffered injuries in the collision

WASHINGTON— A D.C. fire truck and police cruiser were involved in a head-on collision Monday afternoon.

FOX5DC reported that the police cruiser suffered heavy damage to the front driver’s side with its tire off of the vehicle. The back end of the cruiser also suffered damage after an impact with a parked SUV behind it.

The fire truck was on the way to a fire call when the crash happened. The police cruiser was not on a response, according to the report.

WTOP Radio reported that police said a car drove in front of the fire truck, causing the rig to swerve and strike the cruiser alongside the road.

A firefighter and an officer suffered serious, but non-life threatening injuries in the incident. They were both transported to a hospital. Both are expected to be OK.

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