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PolyBilt Body Company Delivers Ultralight Tanker


Ocala, FL - PolyBilt Body Company, LLC is delighted to announce the delivery of a 2500-gallon, single axle TankRPak™ body created for Mondovi Fire Department, Mondovi, Wisconsin.

This cutting edge tanker body is produced with a highly efficient configuration of 23”-deep compartments, forward and rear storage, plus 2500 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam--all on a single axle! PolyBilt’s innovative design eliminates duplication of materials and uses Polyprene™ copolymer construction that makes this TankRPak™ lighter than tankers constructed from other materials. The net result? A PolyBilt body puts more water on the chassis.

PolyBilt’s ultralight TankRPak™ solves the need to haul more water without exceeding weight restrictions.

About PolyBilt Body Company, LLC

PolyBilt is the leading innovator in copolymer bodies built for the fire and rescue industry. Utilizing thermoplastic technology, PolyBilt bodies resist cracking and fatigue even under constant movement. Backed by a lifetime warranty, PolyBilt’s Polyprene™ construction will not dent, ding, rust or corrode.

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