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Rosenbauer Builds Custom Cobra Aerial Fire Truck for NASA’s Langley Research Center

Recently delivered Rosenbauer apparatus to support Langley Research Center

Wyoming, MN. December 7, 2021Rosenbauer, the world’s leading manufacturer of firefighting vehicles and equipment, announced the delivery of a custom Rosenbauer 101’ Cobra Aerial to NASA’s Langley Research Center.

“The Langley Center was in need of an apparatus that could reach multiple locations on the grounds quickly, while also covering for aeronautical tests, trainings and simulations,” said George Bergamini, Rosenbauer Government Sales Manager. “NASA was seeking a custom apparatus that would be used to keep employees and contractors safe, while also ensuring the Center’s investments and research could quickly be saved if a fire occurred.”

“We knew NASA’s Langley Research Center needed a very specific, custom fire apparatus that could be active at any of their facilities on campus,” continued Bergamini.

By working directly with the team at NASA, Rosenbauer was able to create a custom apparatus that was tailored with the most cutting-edge technology available.

The Langley Research Center’s Rosenbauer 101’ Cobra Aerial fire truck features:

  • Custom Commander chassis
  • 101’ RM Cobra Platform
  • IDEX SAM Pump Control System
  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel
  • 500-gallon water tank
  • Hale 8FG 200 GPM pump

While this is Rosenbauer’s first apparatus delivery for NASA, the two entities have very similar missions of protecting people, property and the planet. This made Rosenbauer a natural partner in building a custom apparatus for the Langley Research Center.

NASA’s Langley Research Center was the training site for the first crews of astronauts, and was also home of the Lunar Landing Facility, which provided the simulation of lunar gravity, and the home of the Viking program for Mars exploration.

Rosenbauer has more than 150 years in the fire equipment industry, and is a global provider in firefighting technology and resources. Rosenbauer is the world’s largest firetruck manufacturer, with 11 manufacturing plants worldwide, three of which are in North America.

Rosenbauer delivered the custom apparatus to NASA’s Langley Center in mid-July. This ladder will also serve the City of Hampton as a first due ALS Ladder.

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