Scott Safety launches HushAir Connect 7500 compressor system

The design uses 7500 psi to decrease fill times and increase capacity

Scott Safety is releasing a series of breathing air system products that include the HushAir Connect 7500, RevolveAir Connect and SmartTouch Controller.

The breathing air system utilizes a 7500 psi design to decreases fill times and increase capacity.

Automatic RFID sensing technology utilizing a touch screen interface allows for automatic cylinder fill recording, automating the NFPA 1989 logging requirements. Continuous electronic monitoring of system performance, including voltages, pressures, intakes, output, oil life, filter life and general maintenance are other included features.

Photo courtesy Scott Safety

With new automatic RFID sensing technology, the RevolveAir Connect is able to detect and select how to most efficiently fill nearly any SCBA cylinder with minimal user input or training.

The SmartTouch Controller integrates the breathing air compressor, charge station and storage bottles to achieve seamless automation of the entire breathing air system.

Safety features include on-board sensors, diagnostic tools and minimizes the user input by automating processes required of the user. The system has the ability to monitor and record various facets of operation, including cylinder fill record keeping, equipment status, error detection and breathing air quality.

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