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The SCBA topic features articles, news and videos related to an essential piece of firefighting equipment: the self-contained breathing apparatus. Content underscores the importance of wearing SCBA, best practices for SCBA training and a variety of other operational and safety factors, including a video from risk management expert Gordon Graham about conducting SCBA checks to improve crew safety. If your department is looking to purchase SCBA, check out the FireRescue1 How-to-Buy SCBA Guide.

Ashtabula firefighters are expected to use the AFG funding for new SCBA
A preview of what is likely to come to fruition in the next editions of NFPA 1971 for turnout gear and NFPA 1981 for SCBA
The Connected Firefighter Platform helps keep teams safe, accountable and able to make data-driven decisions on the fireground
North Bend Fire Chief Jim Brown said the department’s current facepieces meet a 21-year-old NFPA standard for thermal protection
The Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire will be using the MSA G1, newly redesigned for comfort and ergonomics
A grant from Firehouse Subs allows the Altoona Fire Department to purchase buddy breathing systems, TICs and RIT bags
Sanford Fire Chief Matt Arnold said the grant will allow for the replacement of all of their SCBA
Firefighters from three departments were able to train inside several of Lynnewood Hall’s rooms
Anniston firefighters will have LUNAR devices added to their gear to enhance safety and communication
AFG funds will help 3 departments replace their complete inventory of self-contained breathing apparatus
Fire apparatus from Salem and Wenham, along with full sets of PPE and SCBA will ship out to first responders in the war-torn country
Dearborn and Melvindale fire departments will use the AFG money for new SCBA
San Diego Fire Rescue hazardous materials team responded to the container fire that threatened a home and high-rise
Common questions about when firefighters in bunker gear and SCBA can make a save and when to wait for the hazmat team