FireIce Technology Helps Smother Florida Wildfires

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Florida - With wildfires destroying homes in Florida, Peter Cordani of GelTech Solutions responded by bringing 2,000 gallons of FireIce®, a revolutionary fire suppression material to Palm Bay to help protect homes and property.

"You put FireIce® into a fire tanker or fire extinguisher and add water and protect your structure or create a firebreak," he told MSNBC''s Kerry Sanders Thursday as the reporter was at the scene in Palm Bay. "It also protects animals and people as well as your home. We''ve brought a 2,000 gallon tanker here to help."

Cordani demonstrated the power of FireIce® as part of the MSNBC segment that is being featured on Using a blowtorch, he ignited a piece of wood, then dipped it into the gel mixture of water and FireIce® where it was coated. The blowtorch couldn''t reignite the wood. He then plunged his hand into the FireIce® mixture and used the blowtorch on it, telling Sanders that "You know how hot the torch is and I don''t feel anything." Sanders called the product, "Amazing," and reminded the viewers that the product only costs 54 cents a gallon. "People would spend $100 a gallon to protect their homes," the reporter said as he ended the interview with Cordani.

FireIce® is a patent pending, biodegradable fine powder fire suppression gel that kills the fire when added to water. It not only reduces the amount of water needed, but it smothers the fire more quickly. It can be added to fire department tankers to help with both domestic and wildfires. "There hasn''t been any fire department that has seen this demons tration that hasn''t been blown away," Cordani said on the MSNBC broadcast.

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