Intermountain Fire Battles Fires With New Technology

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As we enter the hottest time of year, the number of wildfires continues to increase and cause devastation throughout the country. However, GelTech Solutions may have an answer.

GelTech Solutions is currently working closely with Intermountain Fire-Rescue to incorporate FireIce® into their firefighting program.

“Our current evaluations of FireIce® look extremely promising for a product that does not require any special equipment or training to mix or apply and it doesn’t reduce the suppression ability of the engine,” said Chief Coleman of Intermountain Fire.

Inter mountain Fire is so confident in the product that they have begun testing and demonstrating the power of FireIce® to the State of California and they are working closely with Cal Fire.

FireIce® is a fine powder that simply mixes with water. This yields an environmentally friendly gel that quickly blocks oxygen to fires, asphyxiates them, and prevents them from reigniting. FireIce® works in pumpers, tankers, air-drop planes and helicopters, extinguishers, and hand-held sprayers.

Fighting wildfires through traditional methods is almost impossible when strong winds are a factor because the fire grows so quickly that there just isn’t enough manpower or water to effectively fight back. However, “FireIce® has significant force multiplication factors of being able to turn 5 engines into 10 engines and allow us to proactively and effectively protect more homes,” said Chief Coleman

Chief Coleman went on to state that “FireIce® could potentially help everybody pro tect their house from wildfires.”

For more information, or to schedule an interview with FireIce® inventor, Peter Cordani, please contact Tom Strenta of GelTech Solutions at 561-531-1085. You also can learn more about FireIce® at or

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