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Novacool UEF is One Cool Tool for Fighting any Type of Fire

Ethanol’s use as a gasoline additive is growing at a breakneck speed.

The transportation of ethanol causes serious safety concerns to emergency responders as tanker trucks and railcars roll out of the Heartland with huge quantities of this highly flammable grain alcohol fuel.

Ethanol accidents on highways, along railroads, at tank farms and refineries have spawned major fires, triggered evacuations, even injuries and death.

Proven techniques and resources effective against hydrocarbon fuel fires such as gasoline simply do not work when applied to polar solvents like ethanol and ethanol blended fuels.

The conventional answer has been AR-AFFF foams, which often reignite and take an enormous amount of product to work. AR foams have only been a marginal solution at best...that is until now.

What we offer is a product that puts out ethanol fires immediately. And they stay out!

Novacool Universal Extinguishing Foam is a revolutionary fire fighting foam that works by instantly cooling and extinguishing the fire. It knocks down polar solvent fires 70% faster than AR-AFFF for a dramatic and immediate cooling of the fire site.

In test after test on flammable liquids, Novacool outperformed all its competitors.

In one of the most significant tests, Novacool UEF extinguished over 600 gallons of ethanol in under 30 seconds, using less than a half gallon of product.

AR-AFFF foams took from 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 minutes to extinguish their 600 gallons. It then reignited.

It proves that Novacool UEF is the only viable solution to this mounting threat of Ethanol disaster.

Using Novacool eliminates costly clean up. Novacool is both non-corrosive AND biodegradable.

After the fire is out, the little product that remains will degrade in about 3 to 4 days. Certainly not the case with AR-AFFF foams!

Every Emergency Responder knows the challenge of effectively extinguishing fuel-based fires, which come in all varieties, and seemingly need a host of firefighting foams and techniques.

No longer true. Novacool is equally effective on Class A, B, and D fuel fires.

In addition, Departments can use existing equipment and existing procedures, with no special training required.

Novacool reduces combat time and provides firefighters a safer environment.

It reduces heat stress as well by cooling with incredible efficiency. It’s all about safety.

Finally, one of the best features of this product is how economical it is to use. Novacool uses just 0.5% of product to each gallon of water for polar solvent fires, while AR-AFFF foams use 6 percent.

Let’s look back at all Novacool brings to you: Ethanol fires extinguished immediately, reduced combat time, less heat stress, efficient on virtually all classes of fires, non-corrosive, biodegradable and uses only 0.5 %.

Novacool UEF . . . one cool tool for knocking down Ethanol fires!

For more information visit Flame Management International.