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Feniex Industries introduces 4 color lighting series

AUSTIN, Texas — Feniex Industries releases the Quad Lighting Series, an innovative emergency lighting series designed with an industry first 4 built-in colors; red, blue, white and amber. The choice of colors reflects the variety of jobs police officers and first responders now face.

“Police Officers and first responders are asked to do a lot more than ever before,” says Hamza Deyaf, CEO and founder of Feniex Industries. “They need the right tool for the job, from directing traffic to vehicle pursuits to lighting up a scene. It became clear that officers needed more functionality out of their lights than just single or dual color. They needed 4 colors. They need the Quad.”

The Quad Series offers a full line of products, including lightbars, interior lights, light sticks, push bumpers, perimeter lights and surface mounts. The 4 color lighting series is equipped with 60 degree light spread optics for optimal visibility.

About Feniex Industries
Feniex Industries provides American-made vehicle warning devices for first responders worldwide and continues to be the fastest growing business in the vehicle warning market with over 100+ employees and 1,000+ dealers in over 30 countries.