Elkhart Brass Receives FM Approval for Spitfire Industrial Monitor and Nozzles

Elkhart, IN (August 2015)-- Elkhart Brass received Factory Mutual (FM) Approval for the Industrial Electric Spitfire Monitor and four different models of our X-Stream Industrial Nozzles; SM-1250BE-HL and SM-200BE-HL, which are industrial hazardous location firefighting/cooling nozzles with capacities of 1,250 and 2,000 GPM (Gallons per minute), and the SM1250-BE-HLGM and SM-2000BE-HLGM, which are industrial hazardous location gas mitigation nozzles also with capacities of 1,250 and 2,000 GPM.

The Electric Spitfire Monitor, and the X-Stream Industrial Nozzles, comprises the core of the Elkhart Brass ECHO Electric Remote Control Monitor System. The ECHO system is designed for industrial firefighting, cooling and gas mitigation applications, and is installed primarily when the area is too dangerous to deploy personnel.

ECHO poses no risk as an ignition source, so it is an ideal match for classified hazardous areas where the potential for combustion is present. ECHO systems are installed globally in a wide array of applications, including: Oil refining/storage, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, commercial shipping and transfer stations.

FM has rigorously tested and evaluated these Elkhart Brass products against their stringent guidelines and concluded they meet, or exceed, their standards. The FM certification helps to assure our present and future customers that they are buying a safe product of the highest quality.

For additional information or questions regarding the ECHO Electric Remote Control Monitor System, please contact John Bentley, Industrial Product Manager at

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