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SKLZ’s New Fitness Series Used to Improve Health & Performance for Firefighters

SKLZ introduces a new series of fitness videos targeted to increase performance, strength, balance and rehab. These easy to follow videos are perfect for any level, from beginners to advanced.

Check out the new SKLZ fitness series below:

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Supine Hip Internal Rotation Stretch

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Stability Ball Row to External Rotation

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Wall Acceleration

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Medicine Ball Perpendicular Throw

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Medicine Ball Rotational Lift

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Rotational Overhead Throw with Step

SKLZ Trainerrack System: 90-90 Legs Crossed Arm Sweep

SKLZ Trainerrack System: 90-90 Legs Crossed

SKLZ Trainerrack System: Lateral Pillar Bridge

About SKLZ

We believe in supporting the health and betterment of kids and community everywhere, and we not only create products that help to support that position, but we’re also closely involved with charitable organizations that follow the same beliefs. Through our support of and relationships with the Challenged Athletes Foundation and numerous local organizations we are constantly inspired and honored to be a part of their success. Visit SKLZ online at