Hacks: The most innovative solutions to firefighting problems

Not every obstacle encountered on the fireground has a ready-made solution — some have to be invented

Whether its using old 3-inch line to fashion a pocket tool carrier or using bicycle tire innertube sections to slip over door latches, firefighters are known for inventing ways to overcome fireground obstacles.

So we asked our readers to channel their inner MacGyver and share their best firefighter "hacks." We had some great responses. Aside from those mentioned above, one reader used locking pliers on an air line to get a rig home after a fire.

Here are the three we found most compelling and those who shared them. Got your own hacks? Share them in the comment section below. Those selected as the best will win a free FireRescue1 T-shirt.

1. Christopher Martin

I'm a fan of Dale Pekel's idea of how to carry multiple cylinders up a stairwell to the staging area.

2. Chris Hulsey

I carry four flashlights in my right front pocket to chock doors. Turn flashlight on and wedge it between the door and the frame — with light shining up to guide you to the door.


3. Shanyn Silinski
We took a metal handle, put a used mud flap on it and used it as a 'fire flapper' to deal with tall grass during a wildland fire. It worked better than back-backs and brooms, didn't burn and smothered it totally. It doesn't jam, fall apart and the welded hinge keeps it flexible — and low tech means easy to fix!

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