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Nightstick introduces dual-light products

Both flashlights offer LED lights, one for focused lighting and one for floodlighting, that can be used in tandem or separately


Top - NSR-9944XL, Bottom - NSR-9924XL.

Courtesy of Nightstick

Nightstick unveils two new dual duty/personal flashlights with the NSR-9924XL and the NSR-9944XL.

Both come with sharp-focused LED lights that utilize high-efficiency deep parabolic reflectors for distance illumination, paired with a second, unfocused LED floodlight for close-up task illumination. Users can use both in tandem or separately as needs require.

The body switch or tail switch provide momentary or constant-on functionality, along with high, medium or low settings. They also offer a disorienting strobe option.

Nightstick’s NSR-9924XL and NSR-9944XL flashlights are both powered by a CREE LED rated at 650 lumens, which reaches up to 902 feet.

The floodlight provides users with a wide, even, unfocused light rated at 600 lumens that eliminates high-lumen bounce-back.

The NSR-9924XL has a rugged glass-filled nylon polymer housing, which is light without compromising on grip, strength or durability.

The NSR9944XL’s housing, bezel ring, and tail-cap are made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.

Both products come standard with a Type 3 hard anodized finish on the tail-cap and bezel, while the NSR-9944XL offers a Type 3 hard anodized finish throughout.

Both are waterproof and serialized for personal identification. Both are powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery for increased run-time. Also included with each product is a wall/vehicle mountable charger, AC power supply, 12 volt DC power supply, and anti-roll ring.

For more information, visit Nightstick’s website.