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IDEX Corporation acquires Phantom Controls, accelerates next-generation firefighting

LAKE FOREST, Ill. — IDEX Corporation (NYSE:IEX) announced today the acquisition of the intellectual property assets of Phantom Controls, Incorporated. Located in St. Louis, MO, Phantom Controls will operate within the IDEX Fire & Safety segment.

The deal combines the water-flow expertise of leading brands Hale Products, Akron Brass and Class 1 Electronics and the operational capabilities and innovative pump operation of Phantom’s system called S.A.M. (Scene Apparatus Manager). The S.A.M. technology improves fire ground safety and reduces operational complexity during mission critical response.

Phantom Controls founder and career firefighter, Jason Cerrano, will continue with the business, bringing an entrepreneurial drive and passion for improving the fire service. “As a career firefighter, I developed S.A.M. to be reliable, simple and make a significant difference on scene. IDEX Fire & Safety shares my passion for making fire ground operations safer, and I can’t wait to see more departments with this technology,” said Jason.

“Our mission is to provide trusted solutions that improve lives,” stated Andy Silvernail, IDEX Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This next generation of fire suppression technology builds on our proven control systems and water-flow product portfolio. The acquisition of Phantom Controls is an excellent fit within our fire and safety group creating new opportunities to accelerate our growth strategy.”

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